Looking for a new challenge or just want to try something new? Then crack open a Red Bull and head over to Wargames at OverTheWire.org


The wargames offered by the OverTheWire community will help you to learn and practice security concepts in the form of online games.
To find out more about a certain wargame, just click on the links below.

If you’re having problems or just have general questions, then jump on to ircs.overthewire.org on port 6697 using an SSL-enabled IRC client, or irc.overthewire.org on port 6667 using a regular IRC client. You can find them on the #social channel for general chat, or on #wargames for discussions and help regarding the games. Don’t know how to use IRC? No problem click HERE

Bandit – Just starting out? Then this is for you
Leviathan – Another beginners game to get your groove on
Natas – Basics of server-side web security
Krypton – Another good beginners game
Narnia – Learn the basics of exploitation
Behemoth – Includes buffer overflows, race conditions and privilege escalation
Utumno – Starting to get harder – Difficulty 4/10
Maze – You’ll need knowledge of exploitation-techniques, programming (of course) and reverse-engineering
Vortex – 27 levels of fun/pain
Semtex – A  legal environment where you can learn coding/hacking techniques
Manpage – Break some common linux c-programming misconceptions
Drifter – Last but not least, 15 levels similar to Vortex

The following games are released as downloadable (VM) games

HES2010 – Time to get dirty at the dirty-underwear company
Abraxas – Dildo’s From Space (DFS)
Monxla – You like Russian crime? Welcome to the Nasenko family
Kishi – Head to the North-Korean cyberops training facility Kishi

Full credit and thanks go to the team and community at OverTheWire.org – To find out more and support this great resource check out overthewire.org/about/

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