In this section I’m going to document my adventures and results relating to VulnHub Vulnerable VM’s, mostly as someone learning the ropes I’m encountering new tools and technologies on a daily basis. A lot of these snippets have a tendency to slide un-noticed into the darkest parts of my memory where they are forgotten for eternity.

So mostly as a way for myself to learn (and remember) I’m going to document a few things as I go along.

Overall, when successful I’ll have a walkthrough of my attempt, my thought processes, tools used and how I used them. I’ll try to keep on point as much as possible and won’t include the numerous hours of failed attempts and research, just a small portion that I or others may learn from and avoid in future. Just what works and the results.

There’s a few things I want to dig into as part of my walkthroughs

  • Summarize and detail the use of any tools, commands and resources used
  • If possible, find more than one way to exploit a target
  • Do a ‘manual’ exploit of each target, but then also do it in Metasploit for comparison
  • Research and redo each target in the most efficient way to go “under the radar”
  • Set up persistence or backdoor to mimic real world scenarios

So let the games begin – download and set up your VM, boot it up, grab a beer and get ready to play

skydog v1.0